Product Development


This is a project I did for my Graphic Design course at Parsons. I worked on the project to introduce a new product line from an established company.



3 weeks



GALLO, an American wine company, is introducing a new product aimed at the affluent “thirtysomething” market (30 to 39). GALLO is trying to persuade them to switch from mineral water to a light wine product. The line will consist of three divisions related to wine: Red, White, and Rose.



Develop a product based on the newly defined marketplace.

Define the purchasers’ demographic beyond the age group. Who is my purchaser?

Think the need, the reason:

• “Why” they will buy it? Healthy?

• “Who” will buy it? Woman only? Men? Both?

• “When” will they buy it? Is it seasonal?

•“Where” will it be sold?

• Come up with a name.

• Design this new product(s)’ logo (the Gallo logo is secondary but must use).

• Design the overall packaging, from label to containers

• The product(s) should be consistent in concept and visually relate to the overall product line.



Product Development and Branding for Nonalcoholic Wine

The new product line from Gallo is a wine essence water “La Nuit’. It offers the authentic rich taste of wines to wine lovers who are not always eager to consume alcohol. The deep notes of these red, white, and pink wines will satisfy the mind without the negative effects on the body.

Gallo has collaborated with the artist SD, to create the intriguing, vulnerable yet sensual packaging of the products, which goes with the underlying message of an intoxicated state’s unguarded consequences. 



Adobe Photoshop


Paintings Credit:

Safwan Dahoul