My Design Journey

Hi there!

I’m Farhana Haque, a UX Designer with a strong background in visual arts. I started by studying fine arts at York University, which laid the groundwork for my career as an artist, focusing on abstract painting and conceptual photography.

While I began with traditional art, I later expanded my skills by studying graphic design at Parsons. In my professional journey, I’ve always been passionate about sparking conversations about people’s lives and complexities. I’m particularly interested in how similar experiences can look different when viewed through the lenses of gender, culture, tradition, or religion. I’m not afraid to question well-established habits.

The turning point in my career came when I discovered UX design. It offered the perfect way to address user needs, conduct in-depth research, and provide practical solutions. That’s when I decided to study UX design formally at Parsons.

Today, I work as a UX designer, and I approach each project with a deep passion for creative problem-solving and a strong commitment to making users’ lives better.

My main goal is to create designs that not only look good but also improve the quality of life.

Thanks for taking the time to get to know me!