Being ‘She’

This work is about my identity, and how it’s been challenged for my gender.

I was born in an underdeveloped country, in a fairly privileged family. My childhood memory suggests that I was expected to grow as an equal to my brother, or almost an equal. However, it did not take me long to understand that due to society’s positioning of women each has to pay their price. A price that eventually draws a boundary for growth – physically, psychologically and socially. It seemed I can only develop the strength to acknowledge these limits when I have already started to confront them. Without being critical to the issues, it is not possible to expect any solution in a broader spectrum. This project is my visual diary, an effort to extract individual essence against all the suppressive stereotyping. It is both personal and generic.

It is an ongoing project. Titles of the images are self-explanatory and evidence of my experience or thoughts.

Black and white photographs, 2012-present.