Tech Sheet for Food App


‘Taste’ is a complete food management solution platform for mobile. This was a project for Parsons to design and present a future tech in one sheet.


1 week





Who does not enjoy an idle evening cooking favorite meals for favorite people? But when it becomes an everyday chore in an extremely busy schedule things get complicated. People are struggling with everyday tasks like finding a recipe, figuring out the grocery list, doing the grocery, checking the food content, keeping it under budget, keeping the grocery visits limited for the pandemic, tracking what’s going to expire. And after all these cleanings have made the everyday struggle an impossible battle to win over time. So, I want to build a system to support it.



  • how interested people are in homemade food?
  • are they interested in only the food or also about it being cooked by them?
  • what are the pain points that are making it difficult?
  • what are the pleasure points for which they still try?
  • how tech-savvy people are willing to become?
  • gadget wise where we are?



This is the solution I came up with.






Stock images are used for the icons.